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Game to try: League of Legends

December 27, 2009

Hey all you DotA people who want something fresh, or newbies who want to try DotA but aren’t sure if you can play it at all! There’s a new game in town called League of Legends you can try out, for FREE! (Sounds like I’m advertising. Perhaps in a way I am.)

League of Legends (LoL, lol) is what people would call a RTS/”DotA-based” game where the gameplay is pretty much DotA with different heroes, maps, and item sets. It’s humorous, easy to pick up, and perfect for newbies because of it’s player-friendly tutorial. There is also a forum you can post all of your questions on, and the staff members are always happy to help you out.

Personally, I prefer League of Legends over it’s rival game, Heroes of Newerth and the original, DotA. It is casual and a lot more humorous which I think is necessary to keep a.. Humorous crowd. Have you ever played a game of “I HAZ PWND YOU NOOB”? I hate that elitist stuff. You’re playing a game kid, get a life.

Not to say there is absolutely no competition at all. You’ll find your competitive crowd in League of Legends as you gain levels and make friends. You can invite each other for premade teams and play normal games to even tournament games (currently it is at pre-season so the tournament is not up yet. Get practicing >:O)!

I wish I could take some screen shots myself but since I’m running a Mac and it’s missing a PrntScrn key on my keyboard for Windows, I guess screen shots taken from will do. Please click the link to visit the original page these pictures were posted on.